Improvement of Vendor Management for a Pharmaceutical Company

Customer’s Profile:

The customer is a research-driven international pharmaceutical company. The company has a significant global presence with major research facilities in Europe, North America and Asia.


Customer’s Requirements:

As a globally operating company, the customer had to work with multiple IT vendors on a global and regional level. The company considered it complex to manage its vendors and asked Aventario for a solution to help it bring its vendor management to a higher level of maturity.


Aventario’s Solution:

Aventario developed and implemented several Contract Accelerators, which enabled the customer to implement a strategically oriented and globally organised vendor management. These contract accelerators enable improved vendor management in various IT areas.

Cost Reduction: The solution helps customers to reduce the overall costs of operating support and project services.
Process Improvement:  The contract accelerators enable a faster process of vendor selection for various services.

Benchmarking: The service quality of the strategic vendors can be easily compared, since all vendors work on the basis of the same contract accelerators.

Strategic Supplier Approach: The customer was able to pursue the general goal of reducing the number of vendors by using contract accelerators.


Customer’s Benefits:

The Aventario solution offered the customer the following advantages regarding vendor management:

  • Ability to manage more vendors
  • Easier vendor comparison
  • Reduced costs due to significantly higher volumes
  • Standardized transition to the new services
  • Improved system for vendor evaluation and performance management
  • Standardized process flow to deal with non-performing vendors

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