RFP Tool Kit for a Mobility Service Provider

Customer’s Profile:

The customer is one of the most reliable mobility service providers in Europe and is an essential player in passenger transport by rail. The high number of daily passengers as well as the strongly developed rail network and the clear focus on environmentally friendly transport contribute to the fact, that the customer needs future-proof, technically sustainable solutions.


Customer’s Requirements:

When this company procures a new train for passenger transport, it must either order new on-board telematics systems together with the new trains or integrate existing on-board telematics systems to the new vessels. Both options required a great deal of effort in defining its (required) system and the existing interfaces. Therefore a solution that would help it to cope with these requirements and prepare it efficiently for the tender has been requested.


Aventario’s Solution:

The solution provided by Aventario throughout the project resulted in an RFP tool kit that allows the requirements for all different telematics systems to be easily defined, structured and managed. Based on this, a smooth selection of the necessary requirements and the preparation of all necessary documents for a tender or for description of the telematics systems provided by this company were made possible. 

Aventario developed and implemented the RFP tool kit solution for this customer in the following phases:

Solution Concept Creation In this phase Aventario conducted an as-is analysis of the existing systems, processes and latest RFPs in this area in order to identify the scope, requirements, gaps and areas for improvement to be implemented in the RFP tool kit

Solution Development – In this phase Aventario developed the RFP tool kit for the customer’s on-board telematics systems with the following features:

  • Predefined Services – the RFP tool kit offers a number of predefined requirements and their defined scope, covering all customer’s requirements for the different telematics systems
  • Standardised Services – the RFP tool kit defines a standard service governance applicable to all on-board telematics systems, even if they are procured separately through different suppliers. It also provides standardised KPIs and organisational processes that harmonize system and supplier management
  • Efficiency Services – the RFP tool kit defines and provides a seamless flow of the RFP process, which significantly reduces the time spent on RFP and thus increase efficiency

Solution Implementation – After development, the RFP toolkit was successfully used for the tendering of various telematics systems. It has also simplified the RFP change management process by allowing the pre-defined RFP requirements to be easily tailored to each new RFP requirement, making the change process more efficient.

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